The mission of Davis Coworking is to facilitate individuals to do their best work, and by bringing people together increase collaboration and innovation.

  • The core goal of Davis Coworking is to provide an environment that helps you get work done, and get it done well. To that end there will be ample desk space, with all the amenities to be productive.

  • Beyond providing work spaces, Davis Coworking aims to bring people together from different disciplines and backgrounds and offer an environment that will stimulate social interaction and collaboration. As members interact they will realize that they share similar ambitions, interests, and problems and may be able to provide support to each other.

  • Davis Coworking will organize events and workshops to provide learning opportunities that may help your development, and improve the quality of your work. It will also work to create a greater ecosystem of outside community supporters that may include mentors, investors, community facilitators, and service providers.

  • The approach of Davis Coworking will be based on scientific evidence. For example, in this research study you can read more on what makes coworking spaces effective.

  • Last, but not least, we believe in the importance of social and environmental responsibility, and always conduct our business with those priorities in mind. For example, we reduce, reuse & recycle, and are proud to say that our energy is 100% carbon free and 100% renewable. Are you a non-profit or are costs an issue? Ask us about special pricing!


Founder: Do Tromp, Phd

Do started Davis Coworking in 2019 when she realized that after working from home for almost three years and finishing her phd she was no longer making progress towards the goals that she had set for herself. It was a make or break moment, and she was about ready to give up on her goal of getting her startup off the ground if things did not change.

She decided that a coworking space might provide the structure and social interaction that might help her get back on track. In the process of searching for a suitable coworking space she realized that she wanted to start one herself, and make it a space that she had imagined. Two months later Davis Coworking opened its doors.

Read more on how Do started Davis Coworking in this Medium post.